November 21, 2020

Christmas Big Bear Lake Photography Session

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The Hanford Family in Big Bear Lake
Tommy, Remy, and Ruby

Christmas, Trees, and Big Bear, Oh my!

The Hanford Family Christmas session was adorable! We found Christmas trees that made it the perfect location. Remy, Tommy, and Ruby were more than happy to tackle their parents for a couple of photos. It was so cute! They started to jump around and yell out “Daddy!” when I said it was time for solo pictures with their father. You could definitely feel the love from them.

If you take a look at Kassie’s socks, you’ll see a familiar face! Mickey Mouse! They’re a Disney family who loves spending their time at Disneyland and because of that Disney love, they had to incorporate it into their session! Big Bear Lake Photography can always have a dash of Mickey involved.

Tommy was all giggles!

Kassie kissed Tommy with bright red lipstick on, making him turn into a ball of giggles. He couldn’t stop laughing for a good couple of minutes and turned bright red. Their mother-son relationship is adorable!

Big Bear Lake is the ideal backdrop for Christmas cards. You have trees, woods, nature, mountains, and a lake for options. During the winter season, you never know when it will snow too. A fresh blanket of fluffy snow adds that holiday element to any photo.

When there isn’t snow, you still get the holiday feeling by being in the mountains! Photos in a beautiful town is always a win-win. If you’re unsure about what type of location you have in mind, talk to me! I’ll be happy to give you examples of past photoshoots. Christmas card season is upon us, hurry and contact me to get your Big Bear photos taken soon. Capturing memories is a passion of mine and I’d love to help you remember your time in the magical town of Big Bear.

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