February 2, 2021

Big Bear Lake Photography | Where to take the best photos?

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Big Bear Lake Photography | Thea Limon Photography

Are you ready to take new family photos? The mountains are the best place! You won’t regret Big Bear Lake Photography. One of the major benefits is the seasonal changes. Each season is vibrant and full of color, giving you the options of a beautiful green summer, fluffy white winter, blooming spring, or brilliant amber falls.

Family Big Bear Lake photography gives you different backgrounds. You can choose from mountains, lakes, fields, and woods. Nature can give you so many different locations right next to each other. The town is pretty small, so you won’t be driving far unless you’re trying to find an offroad or hiking trail with a beautiful view.

To find the best location in Big Bear Lake, speak to a local who knows the area! I grew up in Big Bear and had to stay because there is nothing more beautiful than our town. Once you fall in love with the small-town life, you never want to leave.

Snow can change the decision of where you want to go. A beautiful mountain view is great but you may have to hike or off-road for it! Be ready for the type of location you’re looking for. If it’s a cold day, bring a coat and mittens. You can take them off between photos! There are certain trails that are dangerous to hike when it’s full of snow.

For a warmer day, you may not mind hiking the trails of Big Bear Lake. There are also locations that give you the mountain background without having to hike much up to. That’s a great option during any season! Especially when someone wants to wear a dress, nice shoes, or something light. We can go over all of this when you speak to me about Big Bear Lake Photography!

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