April 13, 2023

Bride’s Best Friend | Wedding Photos Big Bear

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Wedding Photos Big Bear Lake | Meet Tuck, Paul, and their best friend, a golden retriever they rescued after her owner passed away. It’s been years since their pup was introduced into their life, but now, Tuck couldn’t live without her. When she sent me an inquiry about her wedding photos, she made sure to point out how important it was to focus on their furry friend.

Wedding Photos Big Bear

She bought matching pink outfits for the three of them to wear! It was his first time in the snow, and he couldn’t help but roll around in the white fluffy powder. They had such fun together, experiencing the snow and having a mountain photo shoot. Tuck and Paul will have a big reception in a year because they married during the covid-19 pandemic. They want to celebrate with their friends and family, but before they do that, they had to celebrate with their best friend.

Whether you’re looking to capture the perfect moment of you and your pup in Big Bear Lake or have a professional shoot done of your four-legged family member, there plenty of options are available. Dog photography has become bigger and more popular by the minute because it allows us to capture the relationships we have with our best friends.

From candid shots of them running around outdoors to posed photos for special occasions, dog photography offers something for everyone. With the right photographer and treats, you can create stunning images that will last a lifetime and that will show off your pup’s personality.

When your best friend is a pup, showing them off in your Big Bear Lake wedding photos will help to capture how special it was. When Tuck was playing in the snow with her puppy, you can see her bright and genuine smile.

Our dogs bring out our happiness for the world to see, and it shows in your photographs. Some of the happiness and my favorite photos of myself are with my pups, Luna and Haku.

Plus, they’re also my favorite subjects to photograph!

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