January 2, 2024

Big Bear Maternity Photographer | The Mun Family

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Big Bear Maternity Photographer

The Mun family embarked on a journey to the mountains of Big Bear, California, for a maternity photography session that blended the beauty of nature with the anticipation of a new addition to their family. Hours before, it had been dark and stormy, but the minute their session started, the sun came out! It was a beautiful moment in between the storm. As a Big Bear Maternity Photographer, I’m so grateful that the Muns chose me to capture this moment.

Choosing Big Bear Lake and a Big Bear Maternity Photographer: Selecting the right location is crucial for a maternity photography session, and the Muns opted for the scenery of Big Bear. Surrounded by towering pine trees, lakeshores, and the crisp mountain air, Big Bear was ideal for capturing the glow of Mrs. Mun’s pregnancy.

Golden Hour Magic | Big Bear Maternity Photographer: Timing is everything in photography. We scheduled their session during the golden hour, that magical time just before sunset when the soft, warm sunlight bathes everything in a romantic glow. The amber hues of the setting sun cast a magical spell on the mountainous landscape, creating a serene atmosphere for the family.

Wardrobe Choices: Mrs. Mun’s wardrobe was curated to complement the natural surroundings. Flowing dresses in pink tones and fabrics to embrace her baby bump, blended seamlessly with the rustic charm of Big Bear. It was funny in the sense that my mother, Sarah, who is my assistant, was wearing the same color! They laughed, saying they both looked great and later found out they had the same jacket too.

The Tranquil Big Bear Lakeside: The lakeside became a focal point for capturing intimate moments between the Muns. As the family strolled along the bridge, the calm waters and towering trees provided a serene setting for capturing the tenderness and anticipation that comes with expecting a new family member.

The Mun family’s Big Bear maternity photography session was a captivating blend of natural beauty, familial love, and the anticipation of new beginnings. Against the backdrop of Big Bear’s majestic landscapes, the Muns created timeless memories that not only celebrate the joy of expecting a new family member but also pay homage to the beauty of nature’s embrace. As they await the arrival of their little one, the photographs from this session will be cherished keepsakes, forever encapsulating the essence of this chapter in their lives.

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