April 23, 2021

Blake & Mela | Big Bear Lake Engagement

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Big Bear Lake Engagement
Blake & Mela

Who doesn’t want the beautiful backdrop of mountains where they pop the question? No one! A Big Bear Lake engagement is precious because it’s a town that will forever have meaning between you and your future spouse. The town where a couple gets engaged will be a place where couples come back to again and again. The Big Bear Valley is that place.

Blake decided to ask his girlfriend of seven years, Mela, to become his wife. She was so surprised that her first reply was “I just fell off a horse!” They had gone horseback riding right before hitting this trail. Mela had fallen off her horse! They laughed and then she jumped up and down with the resounding reply of “YES!”

Their pup was the star of the show. When she saw the snow, she plopped herself down on it and started to roll around. Can you blame her? She’s a city dog and snow is her bread and butter!

The two are getting married in February of 2022. I can’t wait for them to become husband and wife! They were the sweetest couple who knew how to have fun. He dipped, kissed, and even picked her up. Blake was so nervous when he asked! Yet, of course, she was going to say yes. They make the perfect couple.

Horseback riding before a session might be risky but honestly, how can anyone say no to a romantic horseback ride? It made their day special and now they have a funny story to tell! So do I. Connecting with my clients is important and helping you to create memories makes my career!

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