May 30, 2021

Big Bear Photographer | How do you plan a cake smash?

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A cake smash photography session has become a huge trend in recent years. One that deserves to be so because your baby’s photos are cherished forever, especially when they’re smiling and laughing. A Big Bear Photographer and a stunning cake are the best ways to capture that! There isn’t a baby that I’ve met (so far) who has turned down a delicious cake or the chance to make a mess with their parent’s approval. Slamming their tiny fingers into the frosting brings out giggles from not only your baby but from the entire family. Trust me when I say, you won’t regret a cake smash session for your little one.

Now that you’ve decided to have a cake smash session, where do you begin? It may seem like a lot of work but it’s worth every moment you put into your baby’s photography session. When you see the photos, you’re going to swoon over those adorable baby cheeks! I’m feeling like you’re smiling as you reading this and ready to start planning your session. Step one is to get inspiration for the look you’re going for and to do that, the internet is your best friend. My recommendation is to start your search on Pinterest. Figure out a color pallet you love; match your baby’s outfit to the frosting or props on/around the cake. A white naked cake is incredibly popular because it gives parents more options for the colors their child can wear. Brittany Hall, my client, did exactly that and you’ll see examples in the photos below.

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Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to find the cake! Where can you go for that? Instagram, Yelp, or Facebook have great business waiting to help you out. Search the area that you’re near and look through photos for your dream cake. Make sure you order the cake in advance and not a last-minute order to get the look you’re wanting. You may be thinking that sounds like too much work. Well, you can skip this step of searching and find a photographer. A local photographer can give you recommendations for locations, colors, and even their favorite bakery.

Okay, the cake, outfit, and photographer are now booked. The next step is to speak to your photographer about the best location and ask if they can send you examples! Ask them the best lighting in their area. An hour before the golden hour is always my go-to because you get beautiful soft lighting. You can’t go wrong then unless you go too late because sunset goes by quicker than you think. Just ask your local photographer and they can help you out.

Here is the last step! Are you ready? Everything is planned, so now what? Be prepared! Bring baby wipes, a blanket, a change of clothes for both you and the baby, and a bonus item is something that has special meaning to you. A picture of a loved one, a necklace, blanket, etc. A snack or toy is a great way to get their attention during the session. Grab their favorites and you’re officially ready.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to help you capture that moment in time and make your session as easy as possible.

During this cake smash session, Addie Hall was turning one! Congratulations to Brittany and Cameron Hall for having the cutest one-year-old around. Seriously, this little one is a doll. The entire time she wanted her mom and dad, reaching for them and smiling. Her parents did have to help her smash the cake because itlady-like enough for her. She delicately would take a little bit of frosting and giggle.

Big Bear Photographer | Thea Limon Photography

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