January 28, 2022

Big Bear Lake Elopement | How to Plan it

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Planning a Big Bear Lake elopement can be a romantic and memorable experience. Big Bear Lake in Southern California offers a picturesque mountain setting for your special day. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan your elopement:

  1. Choose a Date: Decide on a date that works for both of you. Consider the weather, as Big Bear Lake can have varying conditions throughout the year. Summer and early fall are popular for elopements due to milder weather. Winter is BEAUTIFUL up here, but make sure you’re ready for the chilly air before committing to an outdoor winter wedding.
  2. Create a Budget: Determine how much you will spend on your elopement. Consider expenses such as lodging, travel, marriage licenses, attire, and any additional activities you want to include.
  3. Guest List: Elopements are typically intimate affairs, so decide if you have any guests. Some couples choose to have a few close friends or family members present, while others prefer to keep it private.
  4. Secure Marriage License: Obtain a marriage license in San Bernardino County, California. Check the county clerk’s website for requirements and processing times. You’ll typically need valid identification and a small fee.

    Fun Fact: My mom forgot the marriage license the day I married my husband, Jeff Limon! That morning, we ran to the local courthouse to get one. We got it JUST in time, and it worked out perfectly. So please don’t do what we did because it was super stressful that morning!
  5. Select a Venue for your Big Bear Lake Elopement: Big Bear Lake offers a variety of beautiful locations for your elopement, from lakeside spots to forest clearings. Some popular choices include Pine Knot Marina, Boulder Bay Park, or renting a cabin with a scenic view.
  6. Hire Vendors: Decide which vendors you’ll need, such as a photographer, officiant, and possibly a florist or hair/makeup artist. Research and book them well in advance, as Big Bear Lake can be a popular wedding destination. I’m happy to give you recommendations!
  7. Elopement Package: Many venues in Big Bear Lake offer elopement packages that include various services like photography, officiating, and sometimes even a small reception. Consider these packages to simplify planning. I also have elopement packages! Check them out.
  8. Attire and Accessories: Choose your wedding attire and accessories, considering the mountainous environment. Comfortable shoes and layered clothing are essential, as temperatures can vary. Consider asking someone you trust to make sure everything makes it to the bridal sweet to get ready! Looking at my wedding photos, you’ll see I’m not wearing any jewelry. A family member forgot to bring them all. It’s a funny story now!
  9. Plan Your Ceremony: Create a personalized ceremony script with your officiant. Include any vows or readings that are meaningful to you both.
  10. Obtain Necessary Permits: Depending on your chosen location, you may need permits for the ceremony. Check with the local authorities or venue management to ensure you comply.
  11. Plan Activities: Big Bear Lake offers numerous outdoor activities. Consider incorporating some into your elopement, such as hiking, boating, or a scenic gondola ride.
  12. Lodging and Accommodations: Reserve your accommodations in advance, whether it’s a cabin, lodge, or a cozy Airbnb. Ensure your lodging is convenient to your elopement location.
  13. Transportation: Arrange transportation if necessary, especially if you’re having guests. Consider renting a car or arranging for shuttle services if needed.
  14. Reception or Dinner: Decide if you’d like a small reception or a romantic dinner after the ceremony. Big Bear Lake has various restaurants and catering options.
  15. Marriage Certificate: After your ceremony, ensure you sign your marriage license with your officiant and witnesses. Check local regulations for specific requirements.
  16. Capture the Moment: Make sure your photographer is there to capture every moment of your special day.
  17. Enjoy Your Day: On the day of your elopement, relax, savor the moment, and cherish this intimate celebration with your partner. The BIGGEST tip I can give you is to drink water throughout the day. It’s so easy to forget! 7

Remember that elopements are about celebrating your love in a way that feels authentic and special to you both. Embrace the simplicity and intimacy of the moment as you begin your journey as a married couple in the stunning backdrop of Big Bear Lake.

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