February 4, 2022

Big Bear photography | Why hire a local photographer?

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Big Bear photography | Why hire a local photographer?

You’ve decided to hire a photographer, now what? Where you do begin looking and how do you know the best fit for you? First off, look to hire a local professional photographer. You’ll find there are many benefits to hiring a local photographer who can guide you through your Big Bear photography session.

  • Familiarity with the Big Bear area
  • Professional relationships other vendors
  • Supporting a local Big Bear photography business
  • Convenice
couple photos big bear lake
Big Bear Photography

Let’s start with the number one reason supporting local business is the best choice: convenience! The convenience factor of being able to have more flexibility with scheduling sessions and timing might reason enough. When you hire outside of the area, both parties have to travel to the location and that could take a while especially when you’re unfamiliar with the mountain roads. A local photographer is already in the area, making last-minute sessions or flexibility for sessions much easier.

Not every photographer may be available for a last-minute session but it never hurts to ask and look around. Someone who has to travel wouldn’t even have this option for you. For scheduling a session ahead of time, a full-time resident would know the best time of year depending on the type of session you’re looking for; they could suggest what they think will suit the theme of your session best.

Familiar with Big Bear Lake

Give me all the Big Bear couple sessions!

Big Bear Lake, California is a popular tourist town but what makes it special to locals? The hidden areas that others don’t know about! A local Big Bear photographer can recommend spots that will be less busy or known by visitors. There are secrets to every town that only residents will know. This is a tip for every person looking for any type of vendor or specialist: go local.

There is also a sense of pride in being part of a small town. Your photographer will want to show you the best time and provide the best photos because they want you to fall in love with their town. I’m exactly that type of person who loves living in Big Bear, California. To me, breathing in the fresh mountain air and knowing the next person in the grocery store line makes for cozy living. I brag about the beauty, simplicity, and friendly locals to everyone. Being familiar with my hometown gives me an extra push to make sure your session is perfect.

Vendor Recomendations

Are you looking for a florist, baker, or event planner? Asking a local who has a professional relationship with other vendors can help you avoid any future pitfalls. Growing up in town, I know mostly everyone who has a business up here and if I don’t, I know someone who knows them. This is just one of the huge advantages of living in such a rural area! Even for everyday recommendations when it comes to restaurants, fun places to go and see, ask someone who lives in the area. They can tell you the places to avoid and try!

One of my favorite aspects of being a local photographer is the fact that I know who to refer you to if I’m booked for your date. We have a small network of local photographers who trust each other’s work and will take care of you. We believe in community first. That’s what I love; the small-town respect and love we share in Big Bear photography.

Supporting Local Bussinesses

Besides the many benefits to the client, supporting a local business is always the way to go. The small choice of choosing to support those who live in tourist towns can help keep the economy alive. Help small towns survive by supporting those who live in them! Shop and hire locally.

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