March 21, 2024

Big Bear Maternity Photos | Woof and Bumps

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Woof Woofs and Baby Bumps: A Snowy Maternity Shoot at Big Bear Lake

There’s something undeniably magical about a snowy landscape for Big Bear Maternity Photos. The world seems to hush, blanketed in a pristine white, and the crisp air invigorates your senses. It’s no wonder expecting mother-to-be chose this idyllic setting for their maternity shoot at Big Bear Lake, with their two furry best friends by their side!

As a photographer, I thrive on capturing genuine moments of connection; this session was brimming with it. Jessica, radiant in a flowing maternity gown, cradled her baby bump with a mixture of excitement and anticipation.

But the real scene stealers? Her two dogs couldn’t contain their excitement, leaving two trails of paw prints in the fresh snow. We ventured through the snow-covered pines, the sunlight filtering through the branches and casting a warm glow on the scene. She spoke softly to her future son, telling him why she couldn’t wait to be his mom while the dogs playfully explored around her.

One of my favorite shots is a close-up of the mom’s hand gently resting on her belly, with her pups nestled beside her. This maternity shoot wasn’t just about capturing beautiful images; it was about capturing a moment in time – a time of anticipation, love, and the joyous expansion of a family, both human and canine.

Tips for Big Bear Maternity Photos:

  • Dress warmly: Layers are key! Don’t let the cold steal the joy from your session.
  • Embrace the elements: The snow can add a magical touch to your photos.
  • Bring treats and toys: Keep your furry friends happy and engaged.
  • Plan for quick breaks: Let your dog sniff around and explore to relieve any pent-up energy.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Relax and enjoy this special time in your life.

With a little planning and a lot of love, you can create stunning maternity photos that capture the unique bond between your growing family, fur and all!

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